Help’EmUp® Conventional Harness

The conventional harness is for all female dogs, and those males dogs where the penis is visible if the dog is viewed from the side – see products page for full details.

Select your dog harness size based on your dog’s weight first, then the measurements. If your dog’s weight is on the cusp of two sizes, we recommend sizing down.

The Help’EmUp Harness is machine-washable with mild detergent. Set to delicate cycle and air dry for best results. To help keep your harness safe and separate from snags, tears and tangles in the washing machine, a Help'EmUp Wash Bag is available separately.

If your dog is a Tripod, whether front or rear amputation, an additional Anti-Rotation Device is  available if required. 

Please refer to our Size Chart to minimise the chance of the harness being the wrong size, before placing your order.

Also please note, the colour of the harness is dictated by the size. This is shown when you select the required size and  is not something that can be chosen.


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