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The Conventional Hip Lift

Conventional Help Em Up Dog Harness

The best fit for all females and most males

The conventional version of the Help'EmUp dog mobility harness has a solid belly band and works very well for all female dogs and the majority of male dogs.

It has two connecting fasteners on the belly band for waist adjustment, a micro fleece lined pelvic pad and neoprene padded support straps. For most male dogs, the penis comes out forward of the belly band, allowing them to urinate freely. We recommend this version for most dogs.

The U-Band Hip Lift

U-Band Hip Lift Dog Harness

The ultimate dog support harness for male dogs whose penis is located farther back.

The U-shaped opening in the belly band provides clearance for those male dogs who may be hindered from urinating by the conventional version. These dogs have a penis that is located further back between their hind legs. The U-shaped opening helps them to urinate freely.

The armature used to create this opening is padded but even so we do not recommend letting dogs lay in it for extended periods of time.

Note: The Help'EmUp dog harness is sold as a front & back combination. We do not recommend using the Hip Lift by itself as it may slide off, possibly causing injury to your dog. Also, do not leave it on your dog for over-extended lengths of time. Use it as needed and then when possible – remove.

Properly fitting the Hip Lift

Properly fitting Hip Lift Dog Harness

For most male dogs, the conventional belly band fits in front of the hind legs, behind the penis. The penis shown here is forward of hind legs 1 to 2 inches. 
This dog will need the Conventional Hip Lift.

Thi dog requires conventional Hip Lift Dog Harness

On 20-25 percent of male dogs, their penis starts farther back between their legs. The U-band shape provides an easy opening so they can urinate freely. The penis shown here is between or even with the front of hind legs. This dog will need the U-Band Hip Lift.

* TIP: An easy way to assess which Hip Lift your dog needs, is to wrap a bath robe belt, or similar, that is a couple of inches wide around his waist, so that the back edge of the belt is just touching the front of the dog's back legs. If there is about 2”+ of his penis protruding forward of the belt, then they will be fine with a Conventional Hip Lift, if not then they will need the U-Band Hip Lift