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To provide additional walking assistance and extra leverage for owners of dogs using the Help’EmUp Harness, dog walking accessories are available:

The Help'EmUp Walking Loop Handles, sold as a pair (2 sizes: XS/S/M or L/XL),  the Help‘EmUp Walking Handle (one size) and the Help‘EmUp Walking Leash/Shoulder Straps (2 sizes: M/L or XL).

Because many dogs have different issues, the Walking Loop Handles, Walking Handle and Walking Leash can all be hooked onto the harness in varying ways where the dog needs the most support. The walking accessories provide more leverage for lifting the bigger dogs than using just the elevated handles, or extra leverage when walking your dog.


Help’EmUp Walking Loop Handles 

Help'EmUp Accessories - Walking Loop HandlesHelp'EmUp Accessories - Walking Loop HandlesHelp'EmUp Accessories - Walking Loop HandlesHelp'EmUp Accessories - Walking Loop Handles

Spec:- (XS/S/M):-   Length:  Max: 44"/112cms  Min: 18"/45cms   Width: 0.75"/2cms   Weight limit: Max: 34kg 

Spec (L/XL):-    Length:  Max: 38"/96cms  Min: 20"/50cms   Width: 1"/2.5cms   Weight limit: Max: 100kg

*Dimensions are approximate.

The Help ‘Em Up Walking Loop Handles act like a sling and can be clipped onto the harness in a variety of ways for walking support and where your dog needs it most.  The walking loop handles are custom to attach to the new D-ring connectors on the harness. They are soft, flexible and easily adjustable to help you add some extra support or leverage when lifting or walking the dog with the harness on. They act like a sling and can be positioned in a variety of ways – vertically from front to back supporting the whole body, or horizontally from side-to-side supporting the front shoulders or rear hips. They are easy and simple to use.

Note: connector clips with D-rings are available to retrofit earlier models of the Help ‘Em Up Harness , so you can use the Walking Loop Handles as described above.


Help’EmUp Walking Handle

Help’EmUp Walking Handle from K9 Mobility

Spec:-  Length:  Max: 21"/53cms  Min: 8"/20cms   Width: 1.5"/4cms   Weight limit: Max: 50kg

*Dimensions are approximate.

The Help‘EmUp Walking Handle works well on all harness sizes and can attach to either the hip-lift handle to especially help dogs with hip issues, or the front shoulder strap, or both. The handle has a unique pivoting feature that allows the handle to swivel, providing greater manoeuvrability as a walking or lifting accessory for dogs. The Handle works well on all harness sizes (XS/S/M/ L) and on the hip-lift only for dogs using the L and XL harnesses.

Help’EmUp Walking Handle from K9 Mobility in use     Help’EmUp Walking Handle from K9 Mobility - dog with owner


Help’EmUp Walking Leash

Help’EmUp Walking Leash from K9 Mobility

Spec:- (M/L):-   Length:  Max: 51"/129.5cms  Min: 21"/53cms   Width: 1.5"/4cms   Weight limit: Max: 50kg 

Spec (XL):-    Length:  Max: 69"/175cms  Min: 24"/60cms   Width: 2"/5cms   Weight limit: Max: 100kg

*Dimensions are approximate.

The Help‘EmUp Walking Leash is adjustable and used to assist when walking, but also may be used as a shoulder strap* for extra leverage when lifting and/or walking with bigger dogs. The walking leash/shoulder strap works well with dogs using the medium, large and extra-large Help‘EmUp Harness.

Help‘EmUp Walking Leash      Help‘EmUp Walking Leash adjustable

n.b. * dependent upon the related height of the owner and the dog, so we suggest that the quoted lengths are taken into consideration when choosing.

Help'EmUp Physical Therapy Adapter (PTA) KitsBUY NOW

PTA Kits contain connector clips and cuffs, to be used by Physiotherapists/Hydrotherapists/Rehabilitation Specialists, to attach resistance bands and other therapeutic aids to the Help'EmUp dog mobility harness.  Multi-Clips are no longer required to attach these aids, as D-Rings are now part of the Help’EmUp Harness.  However, Multi-Clips are available on request for older design harnesses.

Help'EmUp Physical Therapy Adapter (PTA) Kits

For details download the Help'EmUp PTA Quickstart Guide (pdf)

Please choose the size of PTA Kit to match the size of harness that you wish to use it with.

Help'EmUp Anti-Rotation DeviceBUY NOW

The Anti-rotation device for Tripawds assists in securing the harness on your dog – whether it’s a front or rear amputation. It provides a quick, easy and stable way to hold the harness properly in place around the missing limb to keep it from rotating. Comprised of an adjustable strap that runs under the length of your dog, with specialized clips and fasteners on either end, it attaches to the front shoulder harness and clips into the rear Hip Lift harness, so you can continue to help your dog up and around.

     Help'EmUp Anti-Rotation Device

Help'EmUp Anti-Rotation Device 2Help'EmUp Anti-Rotation Device 3Help'EmUp Anti-Rotation Device 4

Help'EmUp Anti-Rotation Device 5Help'EmUp Anti-Rotation Device 6Help'EmUp Anti-Rotation Device 7Help'EmUp Anti-Rotation Device 8

Please choose the size of anti-rotation device to match the size of your harness. Note that the size of straps and the type of connectors supplied, will vary dependent on the size of Help'Emup dog harness.

For details download the Help'EmUp Harness Anti Rotation Device Quickstart Guide (pdf)

* N.B. Help'EmUp harness is not included and must be purchased separately.

Help'EmUp Wash BagsBUY NOW

Protect your dog support harness with the “Help'EmUp Wash Bag” made of nylon mesh fabric with drawstring top and cord lock. Fits all harness sizes. Helps to keep your harness safe and separate from snags, tears and tangles in the washing machine. We recommend gentle cycle (cold or warm temp.) and air dry your harness. Our wash bag also works well as a carry, travel or storage bag for your harness.

Help'EmUp Wash Bags


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